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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

1) Return and refund policy:

Every time you order from us, we will strive to provide the best quality products.

We have a "no problem return and refund policy". If all our customers are not satisfied with the quality, freshness or physical condition of the product, they have the right to return the product upon delivery. At the time of delivery, we will return the returned product. If it has been paid, the corresponding value will be returned to you by the same payment method used at the time of purchase, namely credit card, debit card, online banking. Or, according to your choice, the above amount can be credited to your store credit account for your subsequent purchases.

After delivery, the payment will be refunded to you through the same payment method or through your store credit account, which can be used for subsequent purchases.

Once the product is sold and delivered to you, it is only eligible for return if it is found to be damaged, damaged, defective or different from the ordered product. If the product packaging is sealed/unopened/unused and in original condition, you can return the product purchased from us according to your order as shown below.

Product category return reason: damage/fault/breakage/leakage

Bread/fruits and vegetables/eggs within 1 day after delivery

Dairy products within 1 day after delivery

Non-food within 2 days after delivery

Packaged food within 1 days after delivery

We do not make any cash refunds.

In the case of a prepaid order, if any part of it cannot be delivered in time for some reason, the corresponding value will be refunded to you through the same payment method as the purchase, namely credit card, debit card, and online banking.

The amount will be refunded to you within 3-15 business days, depending on the payment method you choose. Sometimes banks or financial intermediaries take longer to process refund requests. However, if the refund does not occur before the recommended date, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you. Or, according to your choice, the above amount can be credited to your store credit account for your subsequent purchases.

2) Exchange policy:

All products listed on our website and app can be exchanged or returned if the following conditions are met:

Product Condition: Unless the product is defective, damaged, malfunctioning, leaking or unsatisfactory in quality, it shall not be replaced or returned. In the case of a return/exchange, you must return the product to us in the original state provided by us. We cannot accept products as/returned under the following circumstances:

i. Damage caused by improper operation of the product;

ii. Products whose labels have been tampered with or lost;

iii. Products without all original packaging and accessories, including boxes, manufacturer's packaging (if any), original invoices, and all other items originally included in the delivered product.

iv. Product accessories/free gifts/bundles and combinations: all product accessories and/or all free gifts related to the product and/or other products associated with the product as a "bundle" or "combination" should also be returned for Enable us to initiate the exchange or return process.

v. Validity period of return/exchange: According to the return/exchange policy, the purchased product can be exchanged or returned within 1 (one) to 3 (three) days from the date of delivery/order, depending on the nature of the product mentioned above.

3) Cancellation policy:

You can cancel your order in whole or in part at any time by calling our customer service before the deadline for the time period when you place your order. In this case, we will refund any money you have paid for the order in accordance with the current refund policy.

Please call us at 9337559575 or send an email to: to cancel or modify your order.

After receiving the cancellation notice, if we have not processed the order, we will cancel the order and refund it in full. Once the products under your order are shipped/shipped out from our delivery location, the order cannot be cancelled/accepted.

All returns, exchanges and cancellations of products are subject to the manufacturer's guarantee and I​​NOVICE terms and conditions.

4) Delivery/transportation policy:

Delivery schedule: We will make every effort to deliver your order to you according to your convenient/selected available time period.

i. The products you ordered should be delivered within the delivery time  according to the assigned delivery time. If you fail to pick up the goods at the agreed time mentioned in (a) above, your order and its delivery will be deemed cancelled.

ii. When picking up the goods, you should provide the PIN code at the point of delivery.

iii. If the personnel at the delivery point authorized to deliver the product find that the order number or any other details of the order are inconsistent, they can refuse to deliver the product

iv. According to the availability of the products ordered at the delivery point on the delivery date, Emoment India Private Limited shall deliver the products to you according to the schedule, otherwise, Emoment India Private Limited will notify you of the revised product delivery schedule. You can therefore request cancellation/modification of the order.

v. It is your responsibility to count and inspect all products when accepting products according to your order. Once you accept the product at the point of delivery, Emoment India Private Limited will not accept any disputes.

vi. Under the following circumstances, you should accept the product without objection:

One kind. If the product delivered to you is consistent with your order, or Loose fruits and vegetables with small weight changes due to water loss

We ask you to check all products on delivery. If a complaint is not filed immediately at the time of delivery, complaints about short weight will not be accepted.

5) Freight:

Delivery fee in Rs. 60/- will be charged for each delivery. However, Emoment India Private Limited may carry out certain promotions/offers or set a minimum order value for each transaction in order to waive shipping costs.

6) Order split:

Sometimes, due to the nature of the product, availability, or service limitations of our courier and logistics partners, we may not be able to deliver the order to a specific location. In this case, you may receive the goods (for a single order) at different points in time or through different courier partners. The status of all commodities in the order can be tracked online.

8) Delivery location:

We currently only deliver orders to selected codes/regions in a certain city within India. You can call our customer service/support team at 9337559575 to check the delivery service capacity in your area/region.